Explore Otepää & Tartu

Amidst the Southern-Estonian hilly landscape one will find the temptation of excellent greens, ancient woodlands, lakes and a clubhouse offering an experience with its A La Carté restaurant, A Le Coq lounge, Casa Habano cigar room, saunas, changing rooms, golf simulator and cafeteria-proshop. 

Otepää Golf Centre provides the most important part of a vacation, be it long or short: enjoyment of nature, a well-kept golf course and activities which enable you to completely forget your daily obligations. 


The golf course located within a Nature Park, with Estonia’s longest fairways is enjoyable for both a professional golfer and also for beginners as its not very overcrowded. There is also always a golf instructor available, who is more than happy to share their knowledge and skills.  

The Golf Centre is organizing numerous competitions and company events every year which in one way or another encompasses both golf training and other entertainment. This makes the Golf Center with its clubhouse a perfect place for organizing business and private events. 


Otepää Golf Centre is made for everyone – families with children, grandparents, business golfers, professionals and beginners. Otepää is especially convenient for families with children as the center has a playroom for children with minder’s service.  Refreshment for mind and body is offered by A La Carté restaurant and A Le Coq beer lounge.

Golf being a bit less common in Estonia makes it easier for local youth to excel in their age group and even more importatntly play this excellent sports for free. Youngsters get to play golf at Otepää free of charge. The only expenses are the green card course and the cost of golf equipment. 


Science Center AHHAA

Welcome to the biggest Science Centre in Baltic States!

Come and get acquainted to science and technology in a fun and playful way! We recommend planning at least three hours for visiting us, as time basically flies here.

In Science Centre AHHAA, you can:

Try their fascinating "hands-on" exhibits on 3000 square meters of exhibition area



Otepää, Pühajärve
Otepää Golfikeskus, Mäha külas